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2021 Mule Pro-MX EPS
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We’ve had our 2021 Mule Pro MX EPS for a bit over a year. We live beside my father and due to his age, took over maintenance of about 58 acres of cut up woods with various areas of grass in fields, yards, and sewer line parallel to one of two creeks. Grew up on a farm (not the place we live now) so the type work we’re doing isn’t exactly new to me but it is to my wife. I had ridden and drove ATVs and UTVs before but never owned one. My father’s tractors are antiques and not really suited to the needs of the current place. Maintenance had gotten behind over the years as he was unwilling to let us participate as he slowed down. It had gotten to the point of either letting it return to its natural state and maintain just the yards or get some equipment and put in the work to get things back in shape.

The Mule and a Kubota L4701 tractor were added to the stable of equipment to facilitate maintenance and off road transport on the steep trails and roads that provide access to various parts of the property. The tractor came first and is indispensable, but it’s not a people and small stuff mover plus at around 6,000lb it’s a bit hard on the unrocked trails. Dad had an older 4 wheeler, but for one thing, that’s his and still his primary means of getting around the property, plus it’s not the ideal vehicle for hauling stuff. So the Mule was added to the motor pool for moving people, a few tools, and the lighter chores. We now have a bit over 200 hours on the tractor and just did the 50 hour service on the Mule. Don’t know how we got along without the Mule before.

Only thing we’ve added to it was a 3500lb Warn winch. Dealer thought they had it in stock when we bought it, which was during Phase 1 of COVID restrictions here. Turns out they didn’t have the mounting plate so about 4 months later, we finally got it and spent the better part of a day putting it on. We run through a lot of mud in the creek bottoms so a winch was a no brainer.

Have been pleasantly surprised at the ease with which the Mule handles mud, rough creek crossings, steep hills, and anything else we put it through. It will go some places the 4 wheeler doesn’t want to go due to having a longer wheel base and better stability. Of course for pulling trailers, skidding logs (we both heat with wood), pulling trees over; really heavy stuff we use the tractor so I don’t think we’re too hard on it.

Original thought was when Dad got home from rehab we might talk him into trading his old 4 wheeler for the easier to drive Mule. After we had the Mule a couple of weeks my wife had fallen in love with the Mule and said plans changed. He has the money to buy his own side by side so if he wanted a side by side he could go buy one but she wasn’t giving the Mule to anyone. As usual, good call on her part. Dad is still happy tooling around the property on his 4 wheeler.

Appreciate y’all adding us to the community.
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