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Source for new plastics?

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My SIL crashed the Pumpkin, so i need a new front fender in orange. The dealer wants over 200 bucks for one. Is there another source?
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That seems to be the going rate for new.

You gotta pay to play ;)
If your cheap or poor or both (like me lol) keep an eye on craigslist. I found a front and rear for $150 a couple weeks ago.
I say just go to Rocky Mountain ATV and get some Plastic, cost are not bad plus they pay shipping. From what I been reading the OEM plastic breaks to easy.
There is a set on my craiglist Bend, Oregon but i don't know if he would ship it of what it would cost if he did

i just order a whole set of orange plastics from motosport.com for 370 thats the front, air box cover, and rear free shipping check it out i think the front was 156 and ther oem plastics
I missed the craigslist deal.... no longer up.

The Maier factory website was more expensive than both Rocky Mountain and Motosport. I'm gonna try to "fix" the broken parts with aluminum tabs. That's free, and if it doesn't work, then i can do something else. One of my buddies suggested just cutting off the fenders where they go around the headlights and not ride at night.... That's also free:D

Thanks for the Motosport.com link, they've got a lot of the small stock Kaw parts that my local dealer charges full price on and has to order anyway...
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