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anyone tried the road magnet springs from ebay? They seem cheap wonder how they are. let me know please
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Are you talking about the ones that trip the stop lights? I ran them on my Sportster, but it took two to do the job.
i have been looking at them too . i went ahead and got kfx450 springs and love them . just as firm and doesnt beat you to death on the trails . takes a little getting used to tho
Me and a few other guys on here have them on there bike. They are a huge step up from OEM springs. I'd buy them again if I had to.
guess i will be purchasing some road magnets, thanks for the feedback:D
guess i will be purchasing some road magnets, thanks for the feedback:D
Let us know how they work for you

I posted a lot in the thread that T_Dilley gave you.

I think if you are over 225 lbs or like to jump the quad a lot, they will be too soft for you. Otherwise, they are a HUGE improvement in ride over the stock springs and well worth the price. I have the complete set of prototype springs on my orange V and a lower spring rate rear spring on my green V that was also part of the prototypes.
damn, im 6.1 235 too fat for the springs, geuss i need to push the bike around the yard for a couple weeks to loose some <winter weight>. i dont jump much.is there anything inbetween factory and too soft? I hear about 450 springs wonder how that would work out?
You will like the Road Magnet springs better than the 450's. I had KFX450r front shocks on my green V for a while and they were pretty soft. You might be OK with the Road Magnet springs. I have a friend who rides my orange V with no real problems and he is about 285. They ARE a bit soft for him, though.
I just sent Mike a PM.

If you don't get a response, call Mike or Road Magnet directly at the phone numbers listed in the first post of the other thread that was referenced earlier.
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