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Stalling, 09 brute force 750

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I have an 09 Brute Force 750 EFI. This past weekend, The atv stalled on me on 2 seperate rides during the first 5 mins of the ride. I recently had the atv in for its first 10hr service and everything tested good (I did not have this issue prior to the first service). Right now I have 13hrs on the atv with no aftermarket parts besides 27inch mud lites.

I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and it was just below freezing at the time of the rides and I let the ATV warm up for about 5 mins before the ride. Is this typical for this ATV? If the atv is not fully in a gear will it stall out? (my undercarage is a little iced up) any help is appreciated.
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i have a 08 and it would stall all the time they replaced my throttle body and tps and it doesnt stall half as much but it back fires like crazy though the exhaust and air box plus has oil in the air box its at the dealer again for the thousand time..anyone else having this problem...so i would bring it to get checked
My 09 was just the opposite, unless it was good and warm it would stall, but the more I drive it the better it's getting. Hardly stalls anymore. I think it's common for them to stall easily when their first started. ( my brute only has 120km on it so far)
Drive it harder. I don't think the dealer could have screwed up much, they don't do allot with them anyway. Is the idle too low maybe? Throttle cable adjustment not right? Hope it sorts itself out.
thanks for the input, If I go for a quick ride down the road it seems to fix it. The idle seems good, the dealer did say they had to adjust the throttle tension, maybe Ill play with this myself. Otherwise Im very happy with my brute force, I came from a polaris sportsman 700 and its no comparison to the brute.

Again thanks for the input.
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