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starter issue

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Hey guys newbie here can you tell me what to look for on my 86 bayou? When I push the start button I can hear the starter turning but the engine isnt. The chain was replaced last year so what could it be. Thanks
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im having the same trouble with my brute but its only when its below 25 and once i do get it started it works fine until the motor gets cold again
I think you are on the right track with the chain. Could be the starter clutch as well. You will need to pull the left side case to be sure. Have something to catch oil when you do, even if you drain the oil there will still be some inside that case.
just changed the limiter starter idle on mine fixed problem.
do I have to remove the flywheel and cam chain assembly to get to the starter chain and clutch assembly.
Cam chain runs behind starter chain. Flywheel will have to come off to reach starter clutch. Think that if you pull the starter you could more than likely get the starter chain off,while leaving flywheel on. You are gonna need a flywheel puller. Your best bet would be a Clymer manual.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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