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Starting issues on my kfx 400

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I recently bought a kfx for real cheap because it had starter issues. Well today i found out that it will start if i jump a wire from the solenoid to the battery, now when i use the button it does not work, is there something im missing or could it be the starter solenoid itself. Im new to the 4stroke world so go easy on me. :D
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Sounds as if you have answered your problem. Does it click when you hit the start button? If not check the fuse on the starter relay. Or it could be a bad connection from the start button to the solenoid. Those start buttons dont typically have issues from my experience. So I would go from there
theres wires taht go to the cdi from the battery. go on google and type in kfx manual and download that and look at all th wirign diagrams

There is a fuse in the starter motor switch .........check it............

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