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Got a post from this guy wanting me to send pics of my brute to his email.He is a new member,with 0 posts.His first time on the forum and he pm's me for a pic of my brute?Just found this to be kinda wierd.........:mad:
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Maybe he thought you have a nice brute? You do claim to have the only Monster energy brute 750. I don't find it weird at all.
:wub: Don't tell your ol' lady she might get jealous.
i pm'd the guy,but he doesn't respond.i was thinking spammer...probably just me.if you're reading this post stephen189,nothing personal and i pm'd you pics of the brute.

for thinking Im a spammer and a creep.

I liked the decals on the brute and I wanted to see a pic of a clean brute with black rims just like I PM'd you

I have 2 brutes, an 07 650i and a 09 750, both are black and Im shopping for rims for the 09.

Once again thanks for the nice introduction to the forum!

Sorry I asked for the pic
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:lol: Don't know why but thats just funny:lol:
like i said,nothing personal.we have had spammers hit all of our pm boxes on here before.and the moderators had to remove them from the forum.when i saw your request,with a new join date and 0 posts,it fit a spammer's profile.fyi,most people go to the new members forum and introduce themselves first.pardon me for being cautious,i do live in a trailer park ya know.gotta be on your toes!!!LOL......
yes you should be cautious..... I MIGHT STEAL YOUR PICTURE!!!

If you are trying to be cautious why did you even send the pic.

Sounds like you post just to see your own posts...more time than you know what to do with.
wow!!! look....you're up to 2 posts now.i'm proud of you.
if you're gonna be so soft about the whole thing,maybe you should sell your two kawies and get a honda.:p
Get bent. You come on here and accuse me of being a spammer because I asked you for a pic. You act like a child. You most likely are 14 years old. Go ask your mommy if you can post on here before continuing your useless thread!
Dude,i have apologized numerous times to you.on this thread and in pm's.you obviously are the one with the problem if you don't want to accept my apology.i admitted i was wrong.it was nothing personal.trust me ...this is not the way you want to handle this...move on and enjoy the forum.
Well I never did get to introduce myself since monsterbrute was kind enough to jump right in there and do it for me. So Im from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Thats 3,671KM from where monster thinks I'm going to steal his brute. I have two brutes, an 07 650i and an 09 750. I love them both, no problems so far.
Nice looking rides! Welcome!

Looks like you've already been hazed:lol:
I just can't resist doing this.....
Just to clear things up for you stephen189,here in the states,a spammer is someone who gets on these sites with the intentions of putting a virus on the users computers.Not to steal brutes,like you are saying.
You may have a total different definition of the word there in Canada,maybe that's why you are so offended.:D:lol:.............
oh,by the way...nice brutes.i think you should powder coat the front bumper on the red and black one red.that would look cool.
nice brutes. you should get different rims though, im not a fan of the chrome factory rims. i heard they stain easy? i ride mine every day so cleaning it everyday would be time consuming so those rims aren't for me. nice looking 650i though. and dont take it to heart, most people on this site dont try to offend anyone, unless you have it coming :p welcome to the site!
I think I'll keep my factory rims even though you are not a fan of them thanks. And staining my rims is not a huge worry of mine. My Type 6 ITP are chrome they have never stained and I don't spend hours every day cleaning them. Pressure wash and done.
unsolicited commercial electronic messages. Although e-mail is the most common means of transmitting spam, blogs, social networking sites, newsgroups, and cellular telephones are also targeted. Viewed with widespread disdain, spam nonetheless remains a popular marketing tool because the distribution cost is virtually free and accountability levels for spamming are typically very low. Experts estimate thatspam constitutes roughly 50 percent of the e-mail circulating on the Internet.
This is from the thread "Who The F..k Is This"
Hey,I'm new here, how's it going?"The most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently" - Pema Chodron---Serendipityhttp://123redirect.com/serendipity

It was a pm sent to all of the users on this forum.If you go to the thread and read it,you will see that everyone saw it as a "SPAMMER" including the "MODERATOR."And removed them.
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