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Stock Head Gaskets

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What's you guys take on using stock head gaskets on a stock bore build. I'd hate to spend the $$$ on aftermarket gaskets if stock is fine. Let me have it :tup:
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Stock gaskets will work fine on a standard kit. Unless you got with 730 then you need a little bigger gaskets. I ran stockers on my 665 and never had a problem and it had a lot of hard miles on it. You will be fine :tup:
The stock one are as good as your going to get,and they will be a perfect fit for a standard bore.
Just wondering. When I ordered gaskets for it, I was given 730 gaskets, but would rather use the right size. $34 for stock gaskets vs. $80 for cometicis a no brainer.
I have used stock V or Brute 750 gaskets on all my builds not one problem yet
Me too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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