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stolen tecate4

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someone stole my 11 year old sons tecate4 2 weeks ago today.i know who it is.but i have to find out where he is keeping it before he finds out i know its him.if anyone sees this bike please let me know,its a 87 tecate4,stolen from poughkeepsie ny.but might also be in connecticut.thanks
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That really sucks man. I'm sorry to hear about this. Good luck on getting it back.
Do you think he would want to sell it or keep it?
Yeah that really sucks! Good luck getting it back!
so im pretty far away but i hate thieves and am willing to travel to kick some crackhead ass if you need the help. gl on the safe return of a cherry t-4 ill be looking on craigslist for you
man thats a nice bike and i hope u get it back !!! i hope that my bike will look like that one day !!!
Man im soory to hear that. i hope you get it back in 1 peice, go get that S.O.B...keep us posted.
thanks for the support.he wont part it out.he took it to ride it,he asked me to sell it to him.i told him no it was my sons bike.two days later the bike is gone.the day it was missing i seen him and he tried to blame every body he could think of,but never said it was not him.he also could not look at me he kept looking at the ground.the guy he used to work for said he told him he was going to get the bike no matter what he had to do.and the guy said he fired him for stealing tools.he had a cop take a bike from out his yard last year for running from them.which i hear was stolen from connecticut.the detective said he could bring him in but then he will get ride of it.its almost to the point where i just want to grab him and beat him til he tells me wear it is.but people like will press charges and ill end up locked up while hes out riding my sons bike.gotta love the system where thieves have more rites then you.he lives about three four blocks from me and is also going to court for assault on to officers.not really shore what the next move is.the detective wont return my calls.sorry for the long post,just wanted to update.thanks again guys,ride safe.
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If you have a local police supply store you can buy small tracking devices to hide on your bikes, they do not have to be activated unless the bike is stolen, little pricey but worth it to get your bikes back.
i had my blaster stolen from me and knew who did it for a year. big fight in court i end up calling there lawyer, when mine advised and told me not to even tho mine didnt do his job... and told there lawyer either i get it bak in 7 days or me and my buddies with are trucks are going to come and get it. 2 days later after i got out of school it was in my driveway when i got home.

f*ckin hate theives, love tecates and i ride them like its stolen.

i have to say this (and i know im going to get bashed for this but...) you dont need to beat them up. just scare them, use physcalogy. make them think what you want then catch them in a lie and expose them for who they are.... play there game.

thieves know the system and know it good, you just have to know it better. contact dmv tell them and your surronding dmv's whats happend let them do there job. talk to that guy about it. like "man it really sucks that some one would take an 11 yrs quad, thats low for some one to do." ask him to help you find it... make him talk...

also if you want look up "verbal judo" cops are trained with this and cia fbi ect... its a form of talking to ppl so they "spill the beans" kinda like secretly intregating them,lol...

sorry for the long post but ive delt with this for almost 3 yrs i know how you feel.

if i see it ill let you know even tho im on the west coast.
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If you had any paper work like bill of sale or the title. Then Tell the police and tell them that you know where it is. Have them check the VIN. Show them pics and let them know about every detail in the pictures so they know what to look for. If that doesnt work then you kick his ass. Or run an Ice pick through his truck radiator. Lol.
been away for awhile.any update?
thats beat, sickly clean bike, i'll watch craigslist for ya
hey go on ebay and type in item number 180501401373, this is a tecate 4 for sale in maine, looks somewhat the same but looks like the side panels was painted black and a diffrent seat cover, it's worth a look
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