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Dear members,

Although I am happy with the final results, the following issues were found during the install!

1) No Install Instructions were included in the original boxes! (Easily found online and terrible to read on the phone!)
2) Instructions were horribly written and contained several inaccuracies !
3) 1 Plate did not fit and had to be modified in order to clear the battery compartment reinforcement crossbars!
4) Instructions suggested just using the 2 longer self tapping screws in order to make this last piece work (Totally wrong and would have left a 1-2 Inch gap at the rear sill plate edge!
5) I used the original fender liner holes and longer screws to secure the left and right plates, the clip nuts would not fit under the lip as there was only a 1/4 inch of space available.

A ramp at each wheel is a must or a lift will make this install much easier. I have also included the original instructions.

I have included pictures of the piece that had to be modified, I do not know if Super ATV just did not check fitment on these against a 2023 pro FXT Ranch Platinum or what?

All the best!


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