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Superbowl predictions

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let's hear them :D
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I hope saints ending number in a 0 and colts with a 1 and I will be $4k richer!
All I know is that I have been working in south LA all week and there is Saints, Who Dat stuff everywhere you look... Hell I didn't even realize the Saints had fans until this year...;) It used to be purple and gold flying everywhere but this trip I haven't seen the first LSU flag flying...

But I still have to say Manning by 13...
Saints 38
Indy 28

i hate to say it but i think it's 38-34 colts

i hope i am wrong
I wont bet on this one and I am 50mi from Indy..Saints look and act real hungry yet being really cool about things and studying hard. It will be a high score game and within little point margin, just a prediction.
Don't expect a blow out and colts behind 1st half by 7..jh?
as long as it's a nail biter, don't really care. Would be nice for the Saints to pull it off.

If the Colts lose Freeney, gonna be tough on em
Nope nawlins is waaay overdue. I called this game in June. If nawlins wins, I'm getting a new truck.
Colts 24 - NO 13

Yes, I said 13. Wouldn't bother me if NO won, my favorite team is already out so it don't make a darn to me,
Colts 12 Saints 32

Wow........... I didn't miss it much!
I predict both team will play in the super bowl and I will lose 5 bucks on this gambling thing at school that I have no clue how it works but I still played.

Bret Farve will be super bowl MVP in 2024
Our daughter is a Colts fan...so I say Colts for her sake.

GO CHARGERS!!!!! :wub:(Next year):(

im goin with the home team(as if i wouldnt), my only prediction is its gonna be close unless one team cant match the other score for score then i think we'll be looking at a run away

here is my prediction, im gonna get drunk and enjoy the commercials
here is my prediction, im gonna get drunk and enjoy the commercials

Don;t think much predicting had to go down for that one :lol:
^^^^ w3rd! thats a given
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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