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I feel like I was over due for me to make an account here. I've been a 3 wheeler junky for over 12 years now. My first machine was a 1983 Kawasaki KLT 200c. I've got more than my share of atvs in a salvage yard state lol. The 2 that I've been focusing on are my Yamaha blaster(Most people have a hard time believing it's power) and my red 84 Tecate(which lost a race to my blaster!!!). I've got a green 85 tecate I'm going to shift too soon enough.

Lately, I've been focusing on my 84 Tecate 3, trying to get it up and running. It seems every time I look at it, the ignition system is just torn apart.

This is probably due to me tearing it apart and putting it back together. Constantly.

I figured I'd start out with some useful info. A custom stator rewind with more voltage output. I'd provide links, but I'm to much of a noob. So that information is on 3 wheeler world.

With the lack of Tecate 3 CDI's out there, and all the current ones loosing tolerance due to resistance shift, I've began reproducing them. Testing is difficult when the Stator is dead! Prior to the stator dying, I've had much success. They have the same ignition curve as the OEM CDI, but allow for 3 times to power. Every component has been either double, tripled, or quadrupled in their voltage rating. A higher voltage output source coil is welcomed. You can follow the build for them on 3 wheeler world. There is over a year in development and testing in this little guy. I'm also working on a tuneable CDI.

I do offer highout put stator rewinds on the ignition side.

I've got a handful of performance mods done to all my Kawasaki's :-D

KLT 200: RM Stator CDI, ported head, bored .010 over <- big power gains lol

Red Tecate: lightly ported KX 250 cylinder sleeved and 2mm over. PJ 38mm carb, Jeswinhart encapsulated Flywheel (40.8oz), Jeswinhart Intake, Unknown exhaust pipe with Answer Equalizer siliencer, Gutted air box with Prefilter mesh on all gutted holes, Raptor 660 shock,KC Hilights Light

Green Tecate: +4 swinger, +6 Axel, PVL Ignition, unknown shock, not sure what else!
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