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swamplites or duro power grips

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I been looking at getting a different set of tires since i hear the stock dunlops arent the greatest. I hear alot of talk about big horns, terra cross, and swamplites. i rarely ride in the mud, and if i do it isnt deep. i mainly ride trailes and crawl over logs, and stumps. i also see a company called duro that makes power grips which are similiar in design to that of the more expensive bighorn.
swamplites look like a nice tire also. im stuck between choosing between the power grip or the swamplite? :hmm:

any advice from anyone running these tires which one they would perfer?

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The swamp lites are a lighter tire so performance is increased, the Duro is a heavy tire and not a radial like the bighorn that I am aware of.

My other issue comes from being in the business they are just another chinese made tire that copies the original.

I have 26" Swamplites on my 08 brute with 2700 rough trail miles. They are great tires and would recommend them to anyone. I am in the market for new tires and considering Big Horns but I think I will be getting more Swamplites. A ridding buddys all swear by Big Horns. One had a set of 25" with over 5000 miles and over half tread left but his front tires started leaking air from the side walls and had to replace them. My opinion is both are very good tires and which ever you choose you will be happy.
Thanks for all the replies!
after doing alot of reasearch after the last few days, i think im going to go with the swamp lites. They seem to be better suited for the terrain i ride up here in minnesota. im sure they will have to work alot better then the dunlops.
they are also alot cheaper. i will order them from chapparell :D
Try bombman. He has good prices & he is a supporter of the site.
Dick's ATV - Kawasaki ATV Forum

[email protected] is the quickest way to reach him.
Duro's! ive had mine over a year an they show zero wear an i ride all kinds of terrain. And they are cheap, mine were something like 50$ a piece i mean come on thats a bargain. Am i wrong that they are Radial or 6ply......either way i have yet to have a flat or any kind of complaint. The Duro's get no respect on here. But hey its just my opinion. :)
Check out www.atvoutfitters.com. If you call them ask for Matt or Maurice, tell the Rusty sent you. Their prices can't be beat.
well, i ended up going with maxxis bighorns the old style from dicks atv, should be better than the stock dunlops :)
I had 26 bighorns (they used to be good) and busted every one, 1 each day. they lasted 3 days. I switched to 28 swamplites (huge 2 inch tread lugs) and haven't got a puncture yet in over 600 miles.

Swamplites,I have a set on all three of my bikes...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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