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Teryx vs RZR

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Yeah, I have an annoying neighbor that thinks his two RZr's are the [email protected]#. I think (know) they suck but I also know that the Teryx is heavier and has a little less power (stock). So now after having my '09 Brute for awhile and LOVE it, wonder what does it take to equal a stock RZR in terms of acceleration and top speed/ handling. Then after that what does it take to surpass it by a lot so he can never catch up.:p I despise Polaris and all of their junk, love Kawasaki and when I buy one , just want to know what it will take to immmediately level the playing field. Oh and it would be of a benefit to keep it looking stock (stealth). Thanks guys J.Rob
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Rzr is not really a problem. simple bolt on mods will surpass it with equal mods done to the rzr and Teryx. I've raced a few stock and rzr's modded with pipes programmers and intakes and they got beat by my teryx with just a muzzy, stage 3 clutch, CDI. (running bighorn 27's on 14's)

rzr-s now they are a different story. they are much faster stock and modified than the regular RZR. and they even have long travel (which makes the Teryx slower when installed) I raced one, he had every option you can bolt on before going in the motor. reprogrammed ECU, LTE duals, intake, clutch kit, and he was running 25's on stock rims (I was running 28's on 108's) he beat me easily. if I had stock tires it'd be about dead even until he hit the limiter at 63 mph. I could get him top end as he was on the limiter hard at 63-64, but by then the race was over.

the rzr-s easily beats the rzr every time. even with similar mods and the clutch spacers taken out of the rzr. the ECU has to be to blame for that.

I put in a high comp standard bore and cams, and neither would even come close now even with me running 28's unless they had gone internal as well.

they are both good machines, and they will kill the Teryx in tight woods.

I get them when we go thru 1 certain watery trail. it's about 2 foot deep and my feet get wet, but they come out soaked to the hips. :lol:

it's all about what suites you. Quality of both machines are comparible and they both have their quirks.

I like the driving and handling of the rzr over the Teryx as it's like driving a car more than driving a golf cart. but the modded power and grunt of the kawy can make up for that. plus it's easier to get in and out of and can haul more stuff as well as tow the log splitter with the hitch.

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im working on a sportsman 700 now, and after this pile of shit there is a no polaris rule in my shop, im too busy to be bothered with this crap.. its amazing how poorly thought out the design of this thing is.. i thought taking the front fenders off a brute was a pain in the azz, its a cake walk compared to this soggy pile of crap.. they could have dropped a TON of weight and made them alot easier to work on without much thought.. so if the rzr is anything like a sportsman, i wouldnt look at one no matter how much faster it was.. not to mention the sound like a cow stuck in a fence..
Kujo, I like you. I have examined a number of Polaris atv's upclose and your assessment is identical to mine. I cannot figure out why they have such a loyal following:confused: I swear I could make a better atv in my garage! So with that being said, Why would Kawi make the Teryx so heavy in comparison? I really wished they made a sportier model. J.Rob
The UTV are still in the early stages..

I'm sure more powerful and lighter ones will be coming soon enough.
not to mention the sound like a cow stuck in a fence..:hehe::clap:
Just don't like to snuggle so close to mt friends.Getting in & out is a pain. And no room to hall things.Teryx rules in my world.

RZR-S RULE!!! lol
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You can do that in a Teryx also. Just ask G-rider. :p Teryx rule. Plus when you need to haul something you can. :lol:
I almost bought a Tyrex, found a new 08 for $8000. It just wasnt for me. All I haul is a soft cooler for a sammach and another soft cooler with 30 beers!! lol.
I was at the stealer yesterday to get some OHV stickers we have to have to ride here and they had a '10 green teryx in the showroom. I had to check it out. it had the sound bar, big wheels and tires...the works...

I loved it :wub:... green is the perfect color for that thing. I have driven a rzr s and liked it but didnt make me feel the need to have one like the teryx. I would trade both my V's for one but sure wouldnt pay 12 grand for a juiced up golf cart. Well...maybe I would...I almost bought a renegade x before I hopped in the teryx...glad I didnt, but now I have to talk the wife into changing rides...:cool:
I never thought in a million years I would ever want to give up a quad for anything...
Now if I could just find a used one, I could keep my V and just get rid of hers.
General V
You cant get rid of the V with the GL scheme!! You can get the orange RZRS and keep the GL scheme.

Here are my two, I love the orange!!

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