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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for all the knowledge you folks have to offer. I'm not new to the outdoors or mechanics, so I have that going for me, but ATVs are new to me, I didn't grow up with all the toys like my spoiled wife did, so I'm learning as I go. My wife bought me a 2002 KVF 650 (Prairie?) for my 50th birthday, so I'm pretty excited. It has low mileage, a little over 2500 kilometers. Had it out for a good test run, seems to run great, with a couple of small issues I'd like to ask about on here.
  1. A bit of a constant whistle out of the belt housing. It's supposed to have a new belt, but don't know what the break in period is, so maybe it just needs to wear in? I think it's happening in gear or neutral, but haven't paid that close attention to be sure. I've read on here that shimming might help, but to wait for the belt to wear in first in case that's all it needs. Thoughts?
  2. 2WD/4WD flashing. It does engage 4WD via the switch, so I know it's not malfunctioning in that sense. Apparently it wasn't doing it before the belt change, so my thought is a plug connection issue somewhere, but all plugs outside the belt housing seem tight. Are there any inside that need to be checked? Could it be an actuator that happened to start acting up after the belt change? I've pulled the yellow fuse and reinserted it like has been suggested here, no change.
  3. Is there supposed to be a roll pin holding the Variable Front Diff Control lever in place? If I try to pull it back, the entire thing comes back, not just the yellow lever. It seems like there should be a pin holding it in place somewhere, but I can't locate where it would be.
Thanks again for any and all help you have to offer. If there are any other tips or suggestions you have for me, about ATVing in general or specific to my ATV, it is more than welcome.
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