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The rollers

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Alright guys here's a couple of pics of Jim's and John's roller clutches. This is just a visual and feeling comparison, no track numbers yet, and of course my opinion.
Let's talk about the weight first. I was surprised that after digging out in my backyard shed for my granpa's scale I didn't even need it. I could tell Jim's clutch was lighter by hand and the scale just affirmed it. Mind you Jim's had heavier weights and a longer spring in it. Jim's clutch as a whole was lighter and the cover was also lighter than John's.

Rolling resistance - By hand Jim's roller moves more freely that John's. Now it could be that Johns clutch hasn't been broke in, I don't John's might be able to explain that one better than me.

Surface finish - This is by looks I'd give to John's, it does seem/look smoother than Jim's. Now after talking to Mar (OHVFORCE) I was told that the "rough" surface was like that for a reason, Jim would have to explain that one. I know John's clutch is new and that could be a factor but I had a stage 3 clutch done by John that I abused for almost 3 years and it didn't look/feel like Jim's.

Old but still works...laugh it up bitches :p.



If I had to choose a winner with the little data I have, I'd have to pick Jim's clutch. But being that I was very happy with John's stage 3 clutch I'll have to wait to get track numbers before I make a decision on which one to sell. I do have a little time on Jim's roller clutch and I'm telling you that it will be hard to beat.

Have a nice day!

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Good comparison Pipo. I cant wait to see your results on the track.
I would have to say the theory behind Jims "rough" finish would be for better heat disipation. The coarser the finish, the more surface area ther is.

But Pipo, this might not be a true apple to apple comparision. John has more than just a stg3. Mine VFJ's clutch looks more like what Jim's looks like than the one you have from John. Definitly a good looking clutch, though!
You didn't read it well Kenny or I didn't write well. What I tried to say was that with the experience I have with the stage 3 I'm betting his roller (John's) will be an awesome clutch as well...that's why I emphatize that I'll have to wait to get track numbers
Another thing, I do have both rollers and I said this was a visual and feeling comparison? How's that not apple to apple?
Nice write up and showing pics. Thank You for that.
I think it took some balls to post this. ;)
Can't wait to see the true facts when your done.

I hope this don't turn into a popcorn fest.:lol:

very interesting, you have more cantilevered pic
If you sell Jims Roller let me know i want to try one:tup:
:stupid:Looks alone don't do it. I know this ugly chick that nobody talks to. It's a shame cause she might not be a looker, but the girl can suck a golf ball through a garden hose:wub:
:stupid:Looks alone don't do it. I know this ugly chick that nobody talks to. It's a shame cause she might not be a looker, but the girl can suck a golf ball through a garden hose:wub:

:stupid:Looks alone don't do it. I know this ugly chick that nobody talks to. It's a shame cause she might not be a looker, but the girl can suck a golf ball through a garden hose:wub:

You know here too? I always was told heaven is just a light switch away....:lol::wub:
That clutch I did for ohioVforce is just a regular old stage 3 clutch with roller bearings in it. it's not spidermodded or anything, same clutch I did for you years back with roller bearings and the 08 spider (thicker and heavier)

it's not a drag roller or stage 4 or spidermodded clutch.

The problem I have with drilling them up like that is the durability. I did metalalien's clutch like that with the spider shaved down and he cracked it right up the middle at st anthonys. I have cracked them myself, they split right up the threads.

put them both on a scale, no weights or springs and see what they weigh in comparison to each other. that cast aluminum is not thick so drilling holes really isn't going to remove a pound. I'd guess it is 3-5 ounces lighter if that.

I can make it much lighter than that but that's not what he ordered.

Set the clutches up with the same spring and weight combo and give them a run. see what does what.

Pipo, if you want it modded more and lightened more, I'll take care of that for you. but first compare them running.

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I don't know why people can't read why I posted....it is just a visual and feeling comparison...heck I did 95mph in a 1/4 mile with John's stage 3 clutch....has anyone gone faster than that in a 1/4 mile with another clutch? I don't think so. Gimme some time and I'll get the info WE all want to know, but so far this is what I have. There's no biased info here....both are MY clutches that I paid for. I hope I don't make any enemies for this though, but if I do, oh well.
I have 110% no problem at all with you posting up.

weigh them and post the results, run them and post the results. fair is fair.

look at the pics, the one on the left is what you have (minus the dalton cover, plus roller bearings) the one on the right is lighter than the one on the left by just 15 grams. due to the faceplate mod and the spider mod.

then there's the stage 4 which is hands down lighter than them both.

it's all what you want

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I though the clutch I have from you had the newer spider and modded...according to this link it does. I will have to ask Mark if he ordered like that.
Yea--this year I wanna cut the clutch on the drag v to vfj stage 4 w/rollers.

I am curious about the pitted look of the jh machine clutch sheave.
That must chew on the belt.
If you understand the forces involved on the sheaves---the pressure applied to the belt---I can`t see where microdotting the sheave surface would help.
Please post a pic of the belt after a few runs for us pipo.
I see how a smooth sheave wears--stock is smooth as well.
I noticed less belt wear after VFJ stg 3 work.
It would be cool to have a comparison.
Thanx for posting this thread.
It`s almost like Mythbusters:lol:
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