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Throttle surges when turning

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So here is whats going on. My throttle surges when I turn to the right. A little bit right is ok but the farther I turn the more gas the throttle is giving it. Started happening after I put new ODI grips on it. What do you guys think? The throttle is not catching on the grip either.
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did you have to reposition the throttle for the grips? it could be pulling on the cable as you turn it. i had a moto-4 that did that. i had to adjust the throttle cable just a little bit.
im thinking that it needs to be adjusted. I just remembered that I replaced the handlebars when I changed the grips
not sure what you mean by this buts its been since last fall when I did all that. I have not gotten to ride much since then.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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