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i bought an 08 brute force sra a little over nine months ago and i dont have any complaints so far. it has over 500 miles on it so by now im getting used to the power that it has just being bone stock. ive already put some terracross tires, itp rims, and a warn rt 2500 lbs winch on it but havent dug into the hp aspect of it yet. i saw a post where someone mentioned that just throwing random performance parts together wont always yield the best results but im also fairly confident that "random" performance upgrades will produce more hp than stock would. so having said that does any body have any suggestions on performance parts that work REALLY well together. as far as money goes im a little strapped right now but when i get some cash flow sometime soon i plan on doing the following:

1. cdi by dynatek non-programable, im leaning toward this one cause its supposed to increase power throughout the whole powerband and not just bottomend, also heard that these boxes replace the need for an aftermarket timing degree key (unless there are better options for my riding style which i have listed below)

2. k&n air filter with crossover intake (which is already on the way)

3. full system exhaust for maximum power (dunno which one would be best but i do want the full system and not just the slip-on, i like the way it sounds right now but i wouldnt complain if it was a little louder, dont want it to be too loud but enough to tell that its not bone stock)

4. for top end speed and longer belt life im also planning on doing a vforcejohn clutch mod but i dunno if i would need the stage 2 or stage 3, id like to have as much top end speed as i can but i dont wanna lose rideability and the ability to work, plus i like the engagement rpms that it has with the stock clutch parts

5. and having the engine re-jetted to be able to handle all of that( id do it myself but i dont have the tools or the knowledge to do it)

6. thought about adding some aftermarket ignition coils to go along with the cdi but i dont know much about that so any help in this area would be much appreciated

7. other than that just basically d.i.y. stuff like the carb heater mod, maybe install an oil cooler and possibly relocate the radiator (i dont have alot of knowledge about the diy stuff so if anyone has any pictures or any links to sites with pics besides kissofdeaths site then that would help alot, ive heard alot about some of these mods but im not always sure of what theyre talking about) also planning on using some header wrap for the aftermarket exhaust system to keep the temps down, thought about drilling some holes in the air box as well (and any other odds and outs to make it even more reliable and stronger than it is, any ideas?)

im capable of installing everything mentioned above cept the jets cause they have to be tuned, so my plan was to wait until i have everything that im gonna put on it and then take it to a shop so they can install everything and jet it all at the same time. im also really concerned about keeping it running cool so anything to help that out to would be nice

my riding style consists of just basically trails that i ride on fairly fast but i also like to cruise slow to enjoy the scenery so basically a little bit of everything, dont really do alot of mudding, and id like to be able to win a drag race both on the pavement and on the trails every once in a while. but at the same time id also like to keep the "workhorse" aspect of it cause it also makes a good work bike. im really concerned about the longevity of the quad cause i dont really wanna buy another one for quite awhile ( which is why im trying to hold off on the standard and big bore kits cause i heard they wear the engine more) so any help on keeping it running good for a LONG time would be great.

i know its alot of questions but im not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to upgrading and ive searched the web for months now and you guys seem to know the most about what all can be done to these awesome quads. thanks again for the help
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