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timing chain replacemnt

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any suggestions or recommendations for a specific chain?

2003-2006 Kawasaki KFX400 KFX 400 TIMING CHAIN Cam : eBay Motors (item 370313449866 end time Feb-28-10 07:31:31 PST)

i found this one. just wnat to know if its any good any bad expereiences or what you guys think
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i have a weisco and its holdin in pretty good
it also wouldnt hurt getting the abla manual chain tensioner it gives you 2 or 3 links more of tightening
was just going to ask abotu the wesco one. was leaning toward that, did, or OEM
would the timing chain on a quad like one on a truck . wouldnt it be a good idea to change the sprockets and the chain
Go to Advantage cycle and get the D.I.D. 3/4 chain. Hell while you got it apart might as well install the DRZe kit they have as well.


what is the DRZe kit? i dont understand what that means
It uses the DRZ400 (dirt bike version) Base gasket to bump the compression from 11.5 to 12:1. As well as the dual valve spring set up to accommodate the extra compression. As well as the heavier strength 3/4 Pitch timing chain vs. the 2/3 pitch that comes in the Z/KFX/DVX400.
do you have to mod any of the engine parts to make the 3/4 chain work
No, Completely bolt on. If you get the yoshimura 4/5 chain then machine work is in order.
is there notable power increase by doing this?
The Timing chain swap would be no power increase but, would last much longer. The DRZe kit is a very noticable difference. I helped put one in recently and wow. I have one on its way now. Lol.
thanks jon. i know doing the timing chain alone will not yield results. i was referring more less to increasing the compression of the motor how mcuh of a difference it is.

im debating now if i just wnat to sell my 400 and buy a 450. but im having trouble finding the money to do so.
With the right mods that 400 will keep up with 450's and be reliable.
With the right mods that 400 will keep up with 450's and be reliable.
such as what?

i dont know which exhaust to get, but im definatly going to get this kit since i need it.

i know i need to rejett.

and im probaly going to get a big gun rev box? thats what my friend suggested but he also rides a raptor 660

possible a new front sproket too. not sure which one that either.
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