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Top end kit????

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Well I have an 08 brute 750 that has a bad rod bearing. While I got it down im gonna go ahead and put a good kit in the top. Who has a good kit for this? I am open to all suggestions. Not real sure what I want yet may get the std bore kit or may get bigger. any input would be great. Also anyone know what I will have to do with fuel on this bike since its the EFI?
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We have been and still testing the MSD fuel/fuel controller on a 08 Brute with a Fundy STD bore kit in it.

Got it running good with a fuel map with a larger set of injectors. I am trying to figure out exactly which injector I want to go with though.

Thinking of going with like an 800 or 840. I had an 800 kit in one of my old carb bikes and it did pretty good. How is the 840's and stuff as far as running hot. Could I ride it around like a normal 750 or would it get hot quickly
I'm a std bore kind of guy, never did a 840 kit. Most like it but we won't be mapping one out, just a std bore and a 820 from fundy
How is the 820 that seems like it would be perfect
bean, there is a 800 stroke crank 4.4 mm with standard bore it is from mad man engineering but can't find anything on the price think I’m going to call fri. and see what they say ... wondering if it would be better on over heating than a bore kit and what it would do on bottom end power ... You know that I'm looking for alot of torque outta this kit.
Anybody know anything about what he is talking about. I made this post for him, he is looking to run big tires but still have plenty of power down low, top speed is'nt a real issue here.
Bike needs a crank so we really just need to figure out if this crank is better or stock.
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