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Torque spec info

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Alright I got my 750 flywheel the other day. I took the oneway bearing off my 700 flywheel and now installing the oneway onto my new flywheel. I have looked everywhere in my service manual and I can't find the torque specs for the 6 allen head bolts that hold the oneway to the flywheel. Anyone know?

Also what is the best way to hold the flywheel from turning while tightening the bolts down?
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I really need some help here guys. Torque specs is the only thing holding me back from getting this back together.
Just tighten them enough to the point before they strip and you will be fine;)
Lol very helpful snow B)
I have seen the specs before they were in the 05-07 brute 750 manual though ill see if I can find it when I get around a computer
Just go by feel and use some Lock-Tight...
I found it in my 750 shop manual 25 ft-lbs. I couldnt find it in the V force shop manual for the life of me. Thanks for the help anyways guys.
good deal I was about to start looking for it I was wanting to say 30 but I was going to make sure before i told you the wrong spec
yep...its in the electrical system section of the v manual...25 ft lbs...not to be confused with the alternator rotor bolts that torque to 94 ft lbs...fyi..

but really, asnow is right on on this one...loctite and tighten it by feel just so it doesnt strip, or fall out.
I just got everything back together and running. Seems to rev some what quicker off idle. Can't wait to take it for a spin. Oh I also added the 6* key
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