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What started out as a simple task of changing the headgaskets quickly turned into refreshing the top-end...(I thought I might as well install new rings and lightly hone the cylinders while it was apart). Anyway, I was surprised to see the TOTAL cost of this project after I looked over the bills:

new headgaskets & rings
new basegaskets
new coolant - EVANS's coolant NPG+
machine work at Millenium - grind heads/cylinders and lightly hone the cylinders
*Re-order 1 additional set of rings (I accidentally gapped 1 set of rings too big when two pieces of the feeler gauge stuck together...Doh!)

NOT including the extra set of rings that I bought (due to my mistake), my total cost was approx $550 (including all shipping costs). I usually don't mind spending that much $ if I expect to see performance gains, but it sux to spend that much and not expect any gains at all. Oh well, at least my top-end is now ready for nitrous (if and when I decide to get it).

If the weather cooperates, I hope to finally get my motor fired up this weekend.

Happy trails...:)
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