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Trail built complete Vforce Engine

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Dear tax-return recipiants,

This is my spare motor....not sure why I have it, it just takes up space. :lol: This came with the Mr J&J bike I bought....I swapped in my FST800 instead. I rode the bike on one trail ride in WI before the engine swap. It runs perfect. Only swapped it because I have an 800...what would you do? LOL

I only know about this engine what I have been told. I beleive it to be true, but I am not interested in pulling it apart to make sure. Here is what I was told:

2004 Vforce was ridden 10-15 hrs before hitting a stump and bending the frame. Entire bike was sent to Werkz racing for frame up modding. The engine received stock bore 700CC hi-comp Wiseco pistons with valve reliefs, Fundy trail cams, and was ported by the owner of Werkz. The clutch received a Dalton kit with 58g weights and a blue spring. Bike was sent back to Chicago and ridden about 10-15 more hrs. I then bought it and rode the one weekend, so about another 10 hrs or so on it....I guess the motor has under 50 hrs on it and it looks like it. Has Royal Purple in it. Clutches look like brand new. It has a FST stator cover, but I also have a custom painted Werkz one I could put on. I may consider selling without clutches if that is what buyer wants.

check the pics, I have never done any heavy cleaning or polishing of this motor, the bolts still look new....alot better then my 800. its been hosed off when in the quad, but not touched since.

I see stock motors on Ebay for $1200-$1500. This one is clean and low hrs, plus has a mild build. Probably $400 for cams, $300 for pistons, and $600 for porting. Then gaskets and labor, etc....You guys buying and building motors know what it costs! Sell your blown up motor for parts and pay for part of this one. Its a win-win :D

I'll take $1650 complete. Its too nice to part it out, just bolt it in and ride! Buyer pays shipping. I hate shipping and I hate shipping big heavy stuff. :lol: But I will pack and ship in the lower 48 US if paid in full. Just don't expect it overnight, I'll do my best to get it out quick. I would prefer a local sale near SE Iowa and I could travel a few hrs to meet someone if I had a deposit and cash when we meet. If shipping, the only payment I will take is a Money order from the US post office, or paypal, but add $60 for that.

Thanks, Mike
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that's a perfect motor for anyone with a tired 4x4 650 or even 700. direct swap in, just put in the 4x4 bevel shaft and the front seal. now you got a built motor with vforce gears

thanks John...

If I could find a blown up prairie or brute, I would do the same, plus add Vforce plastics to it.....who needs low gear???? :D
TTT, sweet motor! makes less than 100 crank hp :cool:
I think you're misleading people. I looked on your website for more info but only found a bunch of midget jpegs. :confused:
Ahem! 'small people' :wub:
wanna sell the v force cover?
Not sure what a V force cover is???

If you mean the FST Stator cover, then yes, I will sell it for $1650. free motor included :D

If you mean the CVT cover, then no....but I might have another one at home.....let me know what you are talking about, I'm slow :confused:
Sorry meant cvt cover but I got one on the way. Thanks anyway
No interest on here....just posted on Craigslist...hopefully it will be an easy local sale....hopefully not someone that you ride with, or might as well get used to looking at their tail light. :)
Toss it on Ebay.

There are people overseas buying these, I've seen/heard 3 in the last few months.
Might have a guy interested. He showed up with a bad bottom end with a airbox full of dog food.....lmao
he dosnt send overseas:D

maybe you should move :D
Might have a guy interested. He showed up with a bad bottom end with a airbox full of dog food.....lmao
cool, let me know...this is a clean motor, no dog food :p
Toss it on Ebay.

There are people overseas buying these, I've seen/heard 3 in the last few months.
ebay will be next....just trying to make some space and get rid of stuff I don't need.

I really wish it was easier and cheaper to send overseas...I have definitely missed some sales...but I just don't have time for the hassle..

even if I did, I wouldn't sell to PSI....its too much fun to watch him beg. :lol: j/k
$1350 plus shipping without clutches.

I may consider parting this out if no interest in complete motor, but I need to have parts spoken for before I take any time to disassemble.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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