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vens+4 extension&skid trade

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vens+4 extension&skid SOLD

ok i bought vaders +4 extension 1st gen and a +4 skid of g-rider made my ven aswell ive had two 3 hour rides on these went to head out riding away today and now quad dosnt fit on trailer so there both up for a trade or $500 u.s add %3 for paypal SOLD
i will trade for a new or as new muzzy s/p so basically u pay for urs to ship to me and i pay for mine to be shipped to you from aus

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lengthen the trailer.:lol:
made the trailer wider before,once is enough its only the wifes bike so she dosnt need the +4 anyway
Copy cat! :lol:

Good luck PSI
i wonder how long before someone gets a foot in there azz on this thread or as mokey says or favours a FIST better:lol:
:huh::lol::lol::lol::eek: and that's all i'm sayin on the subject:p
*edit*...good luck with your sale PSI..:D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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