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Very sad day for me...

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He was one of my soldiers from 2004-2006. Great soldier/person all around. My heart goes out to his family.
RIP SFC Hartman.

Army son of Lake County pastor killed in Pakistan | PressDemocrat.com
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Sorry to hear that....my prayers go out to the family.
wow pipo so sorry to hear that...prayers sent
Prayers sent to his family and all the soldiers that put their life on the line for us every day.
prayers sent........
Thoughts are with you Pip, I still say we're losing too many of our (US/Brit) boys out there, every week I hear another one, saddens me :(
Wow that kinda hits home Kelseyville is just down the road from the town I grew up in. Really small area only about 30,000 in the whole county. Hopefully this ends soon so can stop losing our friends and families.
Very sorry to hear. My heart goes out to all that knew him.
So sorry....:cry:
A Hero he is!
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