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VFJ clutch spring rates

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I have the spring rates all sorted out.

I have 4 different zero stall springs. (higher rate are still very low stall due to the engagment # and all 2.5-2.6 inches tall)

they will be VFJ#1 to VFJ#4 And are for use for Teryx and ATV alike

Spring rates are measured exactly at 2.50/1.25 of an inch compressed heights.

VFJ#1 is 10/170 Low stall, Mid-high rate
VFJ#2 is 10/220 Low stall, High RPM
VFJ#3 is 20/250 Low stall, Very High rpm
VFJ#4 is 30/265 Low-Mid stall, Super High RPM

Next I have the higher stall and Atv oriented springs.

VFJ #5 is 55/160 High stall, mid RPM
VFJ#6 is 25/175 Medium stall, mid-high rpm
VFJ #7 is 70/260 High stall, Super High RPM

All these measurments are EXACT. I'll post pics of them when I color code them over the weekend

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lets see here, between the new clutch kits, accepting credit cards, dyno runs, muzzy exhausts and clutch mods themselves id say your aiming at complete atv world domination. :lol: is there anything you dont do for kawie v-twins? lol
There's a few more things coming.

I sent my youngest Bro to welding classes. He was the best here, but needs more instruction. He wants to start making things and I just got him a Vforce.

I'm hiring someone to show me how to program the goddamn 4th axis so I can fully CNC port ANY of the heads. And being able to reproduce and modify the same exact results every time. I can modify them to get the highest power.

whatever I do, count on me giving it my 110%

i would expect nothing less than that from you john, sounds like alot of stuff just be sure to not get burned out on it. :tup:
That's hard to do when you are doing what you like, and having fun doing it.

So if you don't like the stall on that 730 That was like a 40/180, I have springs for you that will be more trailable and rev even more RPM. like the 10/220.

I want a #3,4 and 7.
Put them aside for me,I'll be up tomorrow or Sunday sometime.
I'll call your cell before I come up.
When are these officially going to available to purchase? I would like to get a #6 and #7 to try out.
I'm going to paint them up this weekend. they'll be dry by Monday.

Cost...they are 25.00 I figure flat rate USPS 2 day shipping is about 6.00 extra for as many as I can fit in the box.

Asnow, I'll set your's aside.

trust me guys, these are high rpm springs. you think a Polaris yellow rev's out quick at just under 200 pounds at 1.25. these will really rev the RPM up there fast.

so would the no.6 be good on a bolt on quad as for drags? and ill take one of the 10/220's too since itll be a good trail spring. too bad the damn post office is closed tom. could you have em here before monkey mayhem? id really like to get it before then!
so what spring would you recommend for us brute force mud boggers???? 840 kit big tires etc...????
so what spring would you recommend for us brute force mud boggers???? 840 kit big tires etc...????
good question I have been thinking about that to.
You know what I have...send me what I need (2), you pick them, 1 for asphalt and 1 for sand. I just got a set of american racers for the asphalt.
So how do you think the #6 spring will compare to a Dalton O/B? The numbers look very close to the O/B.
I would like to try something in the maroon spring area. Hell I will even may you if you want to dyno some!!!
Picked up the springs today.
I really think the ones I got are just what some of us needed to be quicker in short drags.
Thanks John..
What I like about the higher stall springs you can run heavier flyweights for better belt grip and torque and still get in your best hp range as fast as lighter flyweights. It also tends to hold that peak rpm area for a longer period of time. The slightly heavier fly weights don’t over rev as fast and get you out of your peak rpm range as fast. Great idea on Johns part coming up with these springs. The spring I love and is similar is the HPD plain with a 30-235 rate.
let me know when these are ready for purchase and which one is the best setup for me.. pm me if needed i have loved all the clutch work you have done so far interested to see if one of these springs is what im looking for..
The spring I love and is similar is the HPD plain with a 30-235 rate.
Theres a spring not too many people use, but I love it...it was one of my firsts with my stocker and was just completely useless...but now, I wish I could tell it apart from a stock spring...I use it in my 800 every now and then when we do hill climbs...

just been using the same ol' "go to" o/bl spring for about everything else. its a good trail spring. dont care who thinks its "too much stall".
Like to find out what is the red and Yellow spring rated at? or is it Orange, danm I think Im going color blind!
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