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vforcejohn stage 2 with spidermod

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i finally got a chance to really ride my 08 650 sra with the dynatek installed instead of the moose module. WOW!!! it made a huge difference from bottom to top. im getting ready to send my clutch to vforcejohn to get the stage 2 with the spidermod, kebc removal, and a maroon spring. the quad is all stock except for the dynatek and the clutch work that im getting ready to have done. the quad is mainly used for moderate to aggressive trail riding. my question is, i know i will have substantial gains frome the clutch mods, but what effect is the maroon spring going to have and will this be a good set up for trail riding? by the way, i already have the kebc removed and really like the difference it made. it rides like a "normal" quad rides, i just need to have the bushing machined out.

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the maroon will be good for what you are doing, imo.
i got the maroon primary in my sra and love it. BIG difference from a stock spring.

Primary Spring Table

this is a very detailed spring chart, it says the maroon has slight stall but for all practical purposes it doesnt. never did like a lot of stall so the maroon worked out real great.
Don't waste your time with the Stage 2 go straight to the 3.

vfj stage 2 vs. vfj stage 3

thanks for the replies! what is the difference between the vfj state 2 and the stage 3 and will the stage 3 be a good fit on a quad mainly used for trail riding? also, where is the best place to buy the primary clutch puller? i was going to take it by our atv shop and just see if i could use their puller but i figured i might as well go ahead and get my own.

EPI has the puller.
All I do is trail ride, the stage 3 won't affect your low end grunt any. But it will increase fuel mileage and mid to top end.

EPI or Dalton will get you the puller.
thanks again guys! if the stage 3 isnt going to have any adverse effects in the woods, it seems like that would be the way to go. im going to give vfj a call this week and iron out the details. ive been wanting to get this clutch work done for a long time. i will let you know what i go with and how it turns out. thanks again.

It's been a few years since the last post... I was just reading some old posts of yours where you were trying to decide between the stage 2 and stage 3 clutches. Which did you end up going with? I do mostly trail riding with a bit of chewing here and there. Quad is stock with a Dynatec CDI. I run 26" tires. Any suggestions? Thanks.
it really depends on what your machine is. If you have a 650 SRA and run 27's stage 2 spidermod

If you have a 650sra and running a lift and 32 inch terminators, then I'd say go with the stage 3 setup.

the mod depends on how much motor power you are using and what tires and speeds as well as gear you will be running.
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