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Video Editing software

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I got a new high def hard drive video camera for christmas. I am looking for a program to do minor editing to my films. Any suggestions on a cheap/free program? All I really need to do is cut sections out. I use it to video ski racing but I hate all the lag time in between runs when using it for video playback.
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I'm sure Erik will chime in on this one, he is the Spielberg of this site and has probably forgot more about video editing than any of us know :D
I can set you up with a copy of Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus if you want.

I hope you have a good computer. What they don't tell you when you buy the camera is that AVCHD (the format all the new HD cameras use) takes a SHITLOAD of horsepower to edit and render.

They take even more power than that huge commercial video camera I got.

Anyway.. Any of the Sony Vegas software are good, I think they start at 70 bucks. If you have a sony camera they work even better.

For free? You could try windows movie maker but I don't know if they will work with HD.

You are looking for software that will work with AVCHD.

What kind of camera did you buy?
Bought the wife a HD JVC 2 years ago. Then last year got her the quad core HP desk top. I would like to know more about vid editing too. She has been doing some photo editing lately. A LOT OF PHOTO editing. Seems to be a really nice camera and computer. I know the JVC uses a different type file I think it's MOV or something.
i use vegas too but i torrented it and used a keygen so it was free. I love it i denifitly recommend it. and jvc does use a mov file so does my panasonic
Its a JVC everio. Seems to take great video for what I am looking for. I have a brand new laptop, so I should be all set in that aspect. I don't do a lot of video but I would like to take 2 hours worth of ski training runs, and turn it into about 10 minutes of nonstop action. Right now I just leave it run for the whole time I am racing and there is up to a minute or more between racers. Takes forever to do feedback.

My computer came with cyberlink Power director but you have to pay for the full version to do avchd files. Its like $80 and looks like a pretty decent program. I will probably just buy that and see what it is like.
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