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Can anyone please tell me where to find the VIN on the 2023 Mule?
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On the larger ATVs, it's on the front lower frame between the lower a-frame mounts. This may hold true for the UTVs but not sure.
What model of Mule? Go here, put in your year/model:
Owner's Manuals & Service Manuals | Kawasaki Owners Center
I think what you're thinking of is called the frame number. On my '23 4010 it's here (gotta contort yourself to see it etched on the forward part of seat frame):
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On an SX, it is under the seat on the frame. It's stamped into the metal, so not easy to see.
Pro FX has VIN on square tubing below front passenger side CV axle, Pro MX has VIN on round rube above passenger side CV axle. It is stamped in so it is not easy to see
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