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Want to buy Broken/Bad Headlight Bulbs for 2005 Brute Force

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I want to do a HID conversion on my headlights, but both bulbs are in good working order. Im checking to see if anyone has a couple burned out or broken bulbs that they want to make a couple of bucks on.
Im trying to avoid breaking 2 perfectly good bulbs for no reason. Id be willing to pay for the bulbs and shipping for a reasonable price.

Anyone in the St. Louis area would be even better!!!

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I've got a pair of bulbs from a V. Not sure if they are the same. Took them out in 2005, I'm sure they are no longer good as they have been knocked around in the utility drawer. I have no use for them. You pay shipping and they are yours.
I think they are different, If I find out otherwise I will definatly let you know.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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