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well, we tried to go camping

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so my family and I have been planning the camping trip for several weeks now. my parents left today, i was to join them tomorrow. we were going camping in Bandera Tx. about an hour from where we live. Anyway, Dad loads up the RV and they head out. they get there to meet up with my Aunts and uncles and the rest of the family. They were DENIED to camp and stay because my dad brought his pit bull. Im sorry but a call total BS on this one.

(please see pics before you make judgement)
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No judgement on the rules............Dang liberals!

I guess some of those idiots are in Texas too .....They are more dangerous than the worst PitB...................

Pretty Pup............
My guess is it is the insurence for the camp that does not want them in. Get caught and could loose their coverage. Sad, but that is the way it works now a days.
Its understandable. Just look at that dog. He looks ready to bite someones face off :lol:.
We can discriminate against dogs but not people. You should have got a black pit bull then you could have called Jesse Jackson...:lol::lol:
He should have said it was his seeing eye pup!! lol
Dude, judging from the looks (mud central!!)of that truck, hell I wouldn't let you in!! I'd just use the dog for an excuse!:D:D

Seriously though, beautiful dog.

I saw a big sticker on the back of a truck this last week.

It said:

Judge the deed, not the breed.

Unfortunately, we never see a lab or boston terrier or "insert dog breed here" make the news about killing a kid or biting a person or killing another dog except for the pit. I wish it wasn't so, but I would also bet that the camp folks simply don't want the liability.

Trust me, I live in Kalifornia, I know what I'm talking about. You want liberal, just step into my little hell over here. I see it everyday.

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My dog is half pit bull and half rotty.When i got him the vet scratched off where I wrote the breed and put lab mix.Then he said now you have a piece of paper from a vet that says he is not a pit or rotty so when you insurance tries to deny you,you can prove that it isn't.The funniest part is when the insurance inspector came to the shop and ask what kind of dog he was and I told him lab mix he looked at him and said oh yea I can see that.
I call it tunnel vision! Some people just see black or white they can not
Make a dicision inbetween!

Really a addorable puppy!

So what did u guys do then?
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