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Went to Pismo

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The little bikes were out in strength, lots of banshees, YFZ450s, etc. My two KFX700s were like monsters out there, but they did great! No backfiring or tuning issues, and they ran strong. A little heavy for the sand, but Quadzilla is a blast with A/T tires and steering with the throttle. Pumpkin with the paddles did a few jumps, but when that heft hits the ground again, watch out. I think the 24" paddles and some front runners would make a big difference. The kids are too scared to run hard, but they enjoyed the quads all the same...
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Glad you had fun. I have bad memories of Pizmo since the Rangers set up a sting to bust the racers that had full approved permits to race. I'll never go back again.
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