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What did you do to your Kawasaki today?

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We have one of these on the Jeep board that i belong to as well. So i thought i would start one on here. I know some of us do something to our ATV's daily. Whether it be routine maintenance or something major. So lets see what you did to your TOY today!
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Replaced the stock Radiator Cooling Fan with a Universal H.O. Upgrade Cooling Fan on my BF750.
From what you wrote on..another site, sounds like a great upgrade for any Kawie cooling system.
all these guys putting new shinny parts on and all i did was get my brute dirty lol good ride left at 9am got back around 1pm checked out some new areas wicked hills:) and river beds nice ride :)
I hear ya. Bolted-on some new shinny Elka Shocks and went and got them dirty on some mountain trails. Some wicked hills,washouts and rocks but mostly nice wooded trails. Great ride too. :)
Noticed one of my new Elkas was getting so hot almost couldn't hold onto the compression knob to adjust it. That can't be good for it so built a new head shield from some 1/16" plate steel for the muffler. Made it 4"s lonfer to cover the piggyback can. Runs cold as ice now.

Hay Rich, here's how they look on:

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you just wanted to show off the elks ;) whats the price on those
They're around $2300.00 here in Canada.....:eek:
The Stage-3s here are about $1100.00usd when you can find them cause they stopped making them. These are new, never used and setup for my weight and needs...and I got them for $680.00 usd from RichV.
Yeah the kit will fit all IRSs from 2005 to 2011- 650 and 750.
Put in a new belt, 6190 miles on factory belt! New plugs as well.
That's gota be some kind of record. :D
Changed the oil n set the valves on my 360 (then they told me they have a 2012 brute 650i with 770kms on it for $8000 is this a good deal thanks!!!!)
Not here in the US.
^^cant beat ODI Rogue grips....it amazes me how many people ride around with the stock grips (just as well grip the bar by itself almost)
Yeah but once they try a set....that's it..:)
Well, for some years now I have been wanting dual mirrors. The one I have I use a lot and the little ones on the hand guards are useless. The bikes sold over the pond all have master cylinders with a mirror mount but over here they don't, and there isn't enough room in there for a clamp-on mount especially with the hand guard mounts. So..been thinking about a motorcycle master cylinder but needed to find one that would work with the existing line. Found one and bought it. Then to top it off got a set of Kawie Vulcan true view mirrors. Had to "adjust" the pod plastic a touch but..a little smoothing and it will be fine I think. The only thing I didn't like is that they are a tadd higher then I wanted. Might heat the bends up and adjust them after a while.

Here's some pics:

It broke a Vision wheel...and an axle? :eek: Holy Sh#t!

Oh...I'll bet they won't warranty that...Good luck though. First time I ever saw an axle break there...Hmm..
Yeah I don't miss my years in Iowa...AT ALL!
Great stuff rubiranch. Thanks for posting.
Haven't had her out sense spring so she's going on a ride we have tomorrow. Dusted her off, Fired her up, loaded her up...and took her out for some fresh gas.
Sorry to hear you got hurt Dennis. Hope you get better fast.
Engine oil and filter change. It's been over two years...but less then 250 miles. Yeah I know..gota get out more...lol
Congrats man. That's great service...says a lot for it...and it's owner.
I installed 2012 front lower a arms and shocks. Tired of playing with aftermarket bushings that don't last.
Did you already do the front-uppers?
I notice you have the rubber flap across top of your plow. QUESTION: does it help keep snow from flying up and hitting you in the face when you plow? Any idea where I could buy one?

Yes...It's a must-have. Any place that sells plows should have something you can at least cut down if too long. You will have to have the mounting on the top to bolt it too though. Just some angle-iron.
Damn Kenny! Way too much pucker for one-handed riding...and that's not the first time...get a mount for that camera! I'm not sure I would do that one with both hands...lol
I replaced my combustion igniters today. :D
Not bad for 5000 miles...but.. they were due...lol
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