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What exhaust?

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I'm new to tecates. Im always seeign people trash talking the FMF pipes. Whats a good pipe, that is still possible to find?
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Power Pros

Most are not "impossible" find. You have to do a lot of searching and have to spend some cash.
Is it alot better power over stock?
The aftermarket pipes pointed out above are better than a stock pipe. I am not sure the exact increase in power some are made to do different things. The klemm was A high rev pipe. The bills, dynoport and DG I believe were an overall pipe. Not sure on sprock and powerpros. The stock pipe has been proven to make better horsepower then the FMF.
ILR also makes some custom pipes but I think they make them for their big bore setup.
My stock header and muffler are still in perfect shape also
I put a stock pipe on mine and mated it with a fmf silencer. I'd like to know if this is any better than just using the complete stock exhaust.
I just received this email from JEMCO about a pipe for the T4. I had them build me a pipe for my 84 T3 which I could not be happier with.

I do build a system for the Tecate 4. It sells for $275.00 + $30.00 shipping.
Delivery is 2-3 weeks after pre-payment by money order. Give me a call at the shop to discuss and place your order.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Jon Easton

Jemco Exhaust Systems
1919 B. Blalock Rd.
Houston, TX 77080
alternate email: [email protected]
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Is this a complete system? Thats dirt cheap. Is this for big bores only?
I think that is for the pipe only, and this is for stock T4's
Pics.? Is it routed like stock or more like the Klemms?
Yea what he said :rock: Pics are a must
I do not have a pipe for the T4. I had Jemco build me a pipe for my 1984 Tecate 3 last year. I just picked up my first T4 and figured I would check with Jemco to see if they have ever built a pipe for the T4. I will check with them and see if they have any pics of a T4 pipe they built before.
You mean the expansion chamber?
Yes the expansion chamber. To me the exhaust system has two parts, the pipe (expansion chamber) and the silencer (silencer and mid-pipe) I am in snowmobile rebuilding mode and I use the term pipe often. Here is some pics of my Jemco expansion chamber for my 84 T3
Holy cow that thing is super clean! Do you even ride it? That is one sharp Trike.
that is a nice bike, very nice!!!
Very very nice man. It would be awesome to see it at tecate fest. :D
Thanks guys....I am still trying to get pics of Jemco's exhaust for the T4....I did not mean to hijack this thread
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