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What Oil are you running

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I've got an 06 Brute, looking to change all the fluids. Does the oil have to be ATV specific? Or is any 10w-40 fine?

I've always used Mobil 1 in my cars, and would like to use it in my quad if it's an excellent choice.

And i've searched a ton, can't seem to find the answer i'm looking for.
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I dont use motorcycle/atv specific. I use castrol. I wouldnt see why there would be a prob with the mobil 1.thats a good oil ! if you trust it in your car why not use it in your atv.
i always use ams oil synthetic in my prairie 360. i think its 10 40
I heard that motorcycle oil is better for the clutch and that stuff. but i guess well never know
It is, but he doesn't have internal clutches.
Amsoil. :)
Klotz MX4
Castrol Syntec 10W-40
Engine Oil

running 10w50 full synthetic kawi oil. Starts right up at -30*f.:eek:
i use royal purple 10w 40 full race synthetic
Just started to use Royal Purple 10w-40 with a Purolator pure one filter.
Mobil 1 15w50
Being that these machince don't have internal clutches and are not air cooled you can use any type of oil in them .just use thicker in the summer(20w50) and thinner in the winter (10w30).The use of synthetic in the winter is a good choice because it doesn't thicken up in the cold so it will start easier.
Castrol 10w 40 (dino) GTX in engine and the Castrol 10W 40 (dino) motorcycle in the front diff. I think you can use the GTX in the front diff but I use the motorcycle grade just to be safe. Works fine!
Matter of fact I use Castrol for all my equipment and nothing else!
Amsoil :tup:
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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