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What Oil do You Use in Your Bayou 300?

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Planning on changing out the oil in my new-to-me '98 Kawi 300 4x4. Awaiting my Clymer manual to arrive. Do I have to use a special oil because of this is a wet sump engine/transmission? BTW - I will change the filter as well with a Wix/NAPA Gold.
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I recently picked up a '97 Bayou 300. Use oil friendly to wet clutches - I put in Valvoline ATV oil 10W30 from autozone.

My clutch is slipping in the higher gears, but I don't think its due to the oil.
I use Rotella in my Bayou and my XR dirtbike. Its good stuff, wet clutch friendly and inexpensive.
I hate to resurrect an old thread but I have a similar question. I just bought a new-to-me 1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4X4 and replaced the oil filter and cleaned the air filter and changed the oil using autozone's brand 10w-30 oil. I've notice a little slipping if I was to gas it mostly in the high gears. It happened maybe twice when I went riding around for a few minutes this afternoon after I changed the oil. Could this be because of the oil that I used? Or do I need to adjust the clutch?
It did feel slow to take off. As if the clutch wasn't releasing fast enough in the low gears. I noticed it more when my wife hopped on the back and took her for a ride. I'm assuming because of the additional weight it was harder on the clutch.
BTW This is my first semi-auto clutch system bike. I owned a 96 mojave before this which was a regular dirt bike clutch system. So I'm a little new to this type of system. Thanks in advance for the help!
Sounds like the clutch plates are slipping. Did it do this before changing the oil?

Does the engine rev up but speed doesn't?
I don't know? I just bought it and the tires were bald and flat so wasn't able to ride before putting new tires on it.

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I'm going to try adjusting the clutch to see if that will help. The bayou runs fine running around the yard but if you get up on it it will slip out of gear.

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I've had an old Yamaha Tri-Z for 20 years that sits for long periods of time. More than once I've had to pull the clutch plates apart and reinstall it. Otherwise it is sluggish in the drivetrain.
The owner's manual calls for 10w30,10w40,10w50,20w40 or 20w50. 10w40 works fine in mine. 98 owners manual is at OWNER'S MANUAL | INSPECTION SCREEN
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