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where is the idle and air fuel screw located?

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where are the air/fuel and idle screws located at on the carb?
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Right side of the carb. toward the bottom. They are the only ones you can get a small flat tip screwdriver on.:D
Or thats where they are on my 700:rolleyes: :D
The idle screw is on the right side. It is a good size piece that can be easily adjusted by hand.

The air/fuel screw is on the front part of the bottom of the carb near the intake boot. If you loosen the clamp, you can turn the carb sideways enough to adjust it while still mounted. It takes a fairly smaller screwdriver to fit.
how far should the air fuel be out?
I think stock is 1-3/4 turns out, with some mods, 2.5 to 3 turns out.
i got an exhaust and im running a little lean which way should i turn it
Turning out makes it richer. If you end up more than 3 turns out to run right, go bigger on the pilot jet. This shouldn't be needed unless you have serious work done.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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