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where to look next?

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tryin like hell to get the prairie running again. ive cleaned all electrical connections and put dow-corning electrical insulating compound in them. took the carbs off my orange v and put them on the prairie. ive got spark, now have fuel because i got a good pump from gauge. tried doin a compression test to rule out internal damage. but was told due to decomps on the cams it wont register, i do feel air pulses so its compressing something at least.

when i open the choke and hit the starter it spins n spins, give it a lil throttle and sounds like it wants to crank but just doesnt have that extra umph. what may i look at next? may pull the carbs off and spray em out with b12. i just feel im getn nowhere on this bike
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Pour some oil in each carb. About 2 caps in each carb. Crack the thorttle and let it get down in the cylinders. Let it sit for about 1min and try to start it. You may have to do it a few times. It will smoke like crazy once it starts but will clear up
Even though it has decompressors it should still show compression on the gauge. 43-75 psi @ 290 rpm is the spec. Make sure you hold the throttle wide open when u do this. If you have the airbox off it will start better with that and the filter in place. Do you have the clutch off? Sometimes they need that extra inertia to get going
Mine was doing the exact same thing yours is.. I thought my rings might have seized up in it but they weren't.. It just quit running on me.. I tried the oil trick on mine and it didn't work. To make a long story short, it's at Glenn's now getting rebuilt.. He said it was the valve seats..It was getting compression but not enough to make it run.. Mine only had 1300 miles on it too.. So you might want to check yours.. Hope this might help..
ill try the oil, clutches are on, air box is on and closed up because i thought they wouldnt run with them off being vacuum carbs. ill get back at it when i get home n let u fellas know!
well the oil in the cylinders made it run, as soon as i let off the throttle it dies, ran it for about a minute. then the battery was too drained to start it again. so its charging. was told to run it as long as possible without overheating it and then pull another compression test. rings may be siezed and come unstuck, or the inevitable. ive got a set of fundy 730 pistons, on a 650 bottom end what will it make it? i know the stroke is shorter, also what cams do you all like on these. wobt be dragging it unless my wife decides to get into our informal sand drags with us. ive got an old set of xx's that i was putting in a v force but dont know if that would be too much. tires ive got are in the sig! exhaust will be custom
730 pistons and a 650 bottom end will make it a 700. good luck with the bike dude.
Keep running it bro! Mine did the same thing to me and it took it about 2-3 mintues of holding the thorrtle to get it to half way idle on its on!!! Good luck and keep us updated
you need to have it rebuilt, you are getting compression but not enough, i have same problem wioth my kfx400 and my friends did the samething yours is doing, we finally pulled them with a truck got them to start and then they started running after that but you could tell they didnt have the same power as they did before
If you have stuck rings, try Marvell mystery oil .put some in the cyl's and pullit over slow to get it into the ring .Them let it sit for a day .then start it and keep it running to get it up to running temp.If it is stuck rings this will usually free them up .I've done this on cars that have been sitting for years.
yeah i had some marvel, but cant find it. i used that to free up an xr200 i was given and a flooded outboard. that shit works wonder
I love Marvel .I've used it in engines ,trannies ,almost everything.
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