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Which cam to go with?

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I plan on rebuilding my brute 750 with a std bore kit , i have a pair of new amr XX cams and HC pistions im just waiting to put but im wondering if these cams are the aveune i wanna take, i do mostly woods riding and i am looking for that bottom/mid punch , so before i install these im just wondering is this what i wanna go with, also i have a muzzy std right now, should i upgrade to the pro for this build.. is it worth it basically all input is appreciated
thanks jason
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I can answer the exhaust question. On a std bore no need in changing to pro pipe.
They are great all around cams.
I drag race with mine even though they are more suited toward trail riding.
Like asnow said, you'll be happy with that setup. that is 58-60 rwhp bolt in kit.

On a standard bore with XX cams. Hell yes, the muzzy pro will make 3-4 hp over the standard, I've dyno'd it probably 30 times on different machines. It does that on a stock machine.

ask anyone who has run a standard and a pro.

That's why Muzzy's is going to discontinue the standard pipe. As even on a stock machine you get more HP with the pro. 44-46 rwhp vs 48-50 rwhp There's dynochart comparisons in my forum somewhere.

the XX cams are a high rpm cam so you need to have that motor breathe for max performance.

If you don't have a programmable dyna, run a 6 key and the Dyna together. the XX cams love 39 degrees timing. and you can still run 93 pump gas this will help the low end.

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alright, thanks looks like im gonna stick with the XX cams and go with the muzzy pro, also i was on diamond g's website and there 2 degree keys one for 25 and one for 30, does anyone know which one is the 6 degree?
Just remember dyno numbers don't mean jack. A pro pipe might yield you higher HP numbers in the higher rpm but your 0-25 mph times will suffer.
John, what did you set the timing advance on Skip's AMR 800, ON THE INGITION MODLE? I am trying to figure out what would equal the 39 degrees of timing for running xx cams. Mine is set at +5 advance "at the highest value" right now but the motor is stock for now. I should be doing a AMR standard bore in about a month.
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