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Which cams should I run?

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I have a chance to buy some FST Stage 2 - Stage 3's or some Old Fundy Trail and some Old Fundy Race cams. Help me decide.

I am wondering what is the better cam to run, I am trail riding and doing some drag racing. Will be running off the shelf wiesco pistons 11.5 in my V. I am kinda leaning towards the Fundy Race cams or Stage 3's. Which is best option to go with? What kinda HP range will I be looking at with this setup, I am wanting most I can get :D? Oh will be running stock carbs, crossovers and Muzzy pipe.

Thanks guys.
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I have run several of the Fundy cams, and the stage 3's.... I really like the old fundy trail cams... I have always wanted to try the old fundy race cams. The stage 3's are great cams too. They have tons of top end...
For trail riding it is hard to beat a FST stage 2 cam they work very well in the woods
Old Fundy trail cams are wicked in the woods.
The Stg2's are torque monsters. Stg3's, in my opinion, come on later in the revs, but have more top end power. If I had to do over again, I would still run the Stg 2's.

With unmodified stock carbs, stock intakes, stock filter, stock valves, stock cdi, a 6 degree key and HMF duals, I dino'ed 57 or 58 (can't remember exactly) I did take a dremmel tool to the intake ports just to clean up the casting marks. You'll probrably pick up a couple hp with the cross over intakes and Muzzy's.

I like the stg2's so much, I have a modified set for my drag V project.

I don't have any experience with Fundy cams.
Stage 2's rock in the woods and still run good on the track
Yup, the old Fundy trail cams were awsome. I do miss them dearly, to an extent.
A real sweet trail set up is an 800 with stage 2 now thats a woods monster
Is there a link to learn more about the FST Stage 2 cams??
I haven't ever run the stage 2's but I know the stage 3's hit crazy hard at about 45 mph and don't stop
Get the Fundy race cams and send me the link to the Stage 3's..:D
Is there a link to learn more about the FST Stage 2 cams??

Careful though... the dude is Bi-Polar.
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^^ now that's messed up. :lol:
Is there a link to learn more about the FST Stage 2 cams??
What kind of info are you looking for?
Stage 3 FTW!
Like to read more about those stage 2 cams, what kind of lift and duration?
CWR MACH 3's 418 lift lobe center 106 duration 262 intake 258 exhaust. Hands down best all around. I trail ride them in my brute and drag race them also. They have been pretty fast compared to the others. They have been 8.2 on motor in 1/8 asphalt & 7.40 NOS That's full 660 lb. machine and me 260lb.
I second that on the Mach 3 418 cams. They kick ass!
Greg sells some great stuff, bought parts from him for the Mojave 250
Don't think the CWR was one of his choices. Seems to be a good general mild use cam.
The old Fundy race cam is also a great all around performer
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