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Will they hit!

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I just ordered a new set of Kenda bear claws for my 05 prairie 360. I will be using the stock rims with these tires. The fronts are 26x9x12 and rears are 26x12x12. Right now the front stockers are about 3/4 away from the tie rod, so these new tires may rub. Has anyone run these tires with stock rims or do they just buy some spacers? I want to be prepared for any problems with this. Thanks Craig
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they will be fine i ran 27" tires on my 05 p700 with no lift or anything
good to go

You should not hit, I ran them fine but they were close! Good tires

im running 26 x 10 x12 mudlite xls on my front with no rubbing
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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