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well guys the prairie is down for the winter. I gots some work to do to her.
im stripping it down to repaint the frame and replace some worn out parts.

also planning on making a trip up to VFJ's for some dyno tuning before spring. and put UPP intakes on and have it dialed in for next yr up in tughill.

I'm also removing my lift kit will be selling it cheap. and will be selling my used 28" mudlights for cheap. going back to 26" tires. and going to setup the clutching for more topend. putting the works struts backon. and hoping to set it up like a GNCC style machine for next yrs poker run in tughill. i hate getting beat up by the new grizzlys and yes i got take down by a popo 850. i had them off the line and out of the turns. but down the fast trails my P700 would run out of steam around 55 - 60 mph. as the other guys just pulled away. not fun. kawie should be out front. with our big bad v twin engines. i know my machine is out dated and under powered being its all stock inside. just bolt on parts. but still not letting a popo beat me next yr.
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