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Winter project

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Throwing some pics up of my rebuild. All parts are finished being powdercoated just waiting on a arms. . . Refinished the spare motor waiting for other motor from ILR. Current motor is stock with Klemm pipe and 38mm Mikuni powerjet carb. Every bearing and bushing have been replaced. I have come to learn that with any project double your budget and you will be fine. I will throw up more updates as I get time to finish.
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Nice, keep us posted
It's looking good. Tell me about the budget, damm. I should my engin back from ILR is another two weeks - a 20 year old bike sure takes some cashola to restore.
Alittle bit more progress. Spent most of the last couple of days shoveling snow. I hate snow now:mad:.
Very nice man, You get any powder on the a-arms yet?
Still waiting on the arms to come back. Should have the front shocks back from ILR in the next week.
a little more progress. Still waiting on new kfx450 front shocks from ILR revalved.
Clean, looks really good! Congrats.
Thanks. I would have liked to throw some chrome on it like you are doing but the budget does not allow.
Lookin dam sexy man.
awsome job
Wow, that's a great build. Where could someone locate one of those K.I.P.S valve emblems like you have? That really sets off that engine. Please keep the pics coming.
I actually bought a spare motor that had one on it and bought a cylinder on ebay that had one on it. I have seen them for sale on ebay before and have gone as high as 50 dollars. I glued this on with some strong glue so hopefully it will hold
QQ - where did you get the brake lines?
QQ - where did you get the brake lines?
For +2 or +3 a-arms you can order stock length yfz lines.
The front braided lines were on the bike when I bought it. I am assuming like D said that they are off a yfz or something, just cleaned them up. The rear was a brake line on ebay on clearance.
Getting closer. Now waiting on the motor and pipe from ILR.
Awesome, what are you gonna do with the motor and pipe you have there.

You gonna bring it to tecate fest?
I am going to keep the motor and the pipe as spares. I would love to go to tecate fest but is just not possible for me. Maybe one of these years it will happen maybe down the road.
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