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Man this is a little over the top---Tolerating this crap under the present administration and the current political correctness nonsense is putting a strangle hold on our beautiful country---You don't have to watch this whole thing just enough to get the drift of what's going down here.

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This is way too easy for me. I would bury every single one of them SOB's ass up at the college so that they could be used for bike racks.
I do not condone their behavior at all but we let people in this country by the bus load and give them more rights then we have ourselves... Look what they have done in their own countries and we expect them to be better here??? Please!!!

that radical mentality!!! FUGG:mad:
They were all warned, suspend them all.

Some may want to compare this to what happened earlier in the year to some of the congressmen/women and senators. There is one huge differance, those people are suppost to represent us and hear our voices. The students in this video disrupted because he was a jewish ambassador and they were apparently muslim. Folks need to read the Bible and realize there will neve be peace in that part of the world. I shouldn't say never but not when the world and it's governments are controled by men. The hatred is far deeper than most the people involved can understand. They really don't know why they hate Jews, they just do.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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