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Hi. my name is Brian from Ohio. I just joined this forum but have followed on/off through the years. I used to have a 2004 green kfx700 and rode until 2014 and then sold it. I regretted selling ever since and then located a 2005 limited blue kfx 700 in 2018 that was never ridden. I purchased the machine from the original owner and all he did was add nerf bars, dg bumper and rear rack with a trail tech computer. He then drained fuel and put up on a storage rack in a climate controlled garage under a cover. This quad is truly unreal and a time capsule with nubs still on the tires and the plastic does not even have micro scratches under bright light. I brought it home and changed all fluids and starts right up. I have not brought myself to riding the quad because it is so perfect. I never wanted to sell it until about the last month I listed on Craigslist and received an offer for 7,000 which I think is fairly low considering the crate new condition and accessories Which are also brand new.

I read another forum members post back from April 2022 & mentioned how these atvs are becoming very rare and difficult to find in stock condition. I know vehicles/atvs, etc. are never really good investments , but what do you think my kfx is worth based on its mileage and are their collectors for these types of machines? I’m actually glad I just read the post because honestly I don’t think I can part with it now and may have saved me from a serious mistake. I was thinking about just starting to ride it because Id like to enjoy it but not sure if I can bring myself to do that either if they are becoming really difficult to find And take in the mud. Just curious of everyone’s opinion of what these machines are bringing and would you keep it stored/unridden, Sell, or start riding? I even thought about getting another cheaper kfx to ride if this one will go up in value. Here is a pic and thanks so much for any input!
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